Water, which is vital to all living things is a limited and natural resource. Due to industrialization and continuous increase of world population, natural resources have been exhausted, nature has been destroyed and water sources are becoming polluted. In parallel, the pressure of the increased consumption, unequal distribution of water in time and space, inadequate water quality, and uses in different sectors  cause local and global water problems. Hence, effective and efficient water usage, water-saving and the implementation of the latest technologies in all areas is essential. Integration among agricultural, urban and industrial sectors must be taken into account, where rational and integrated planning of water resources is required. An integrated approach to the management of water means that water resources are not only physically handled but social, economic, and environmental factors are also considered. In this context, the fact that solutions for the future water problems can not be found in a single discipline or field, but can be achieved with interdisciplinary studies and successful collaborations between academicians and water managers is becoming more significant each day.

The difficulties faced by water managers in the world and in our country require that leaders be skilled in overcoming social, environmental and technological boundaries;  combining information that belong to different disciplines and converting theoretical knowledge into practice. Thus, the need for establishments where the future leaders and specialists will be trained on water management is increasing all over the world. Turkey, which is not a water-rich country, is among the countries under the risk of potential adverse impacts of climate change and global warming. For this reason, all kinds of water related activities such research, development, training, policy formulation, coordination, development of legislation and standards has gained urgency and importance in our country. To this end, Ankara University has established “Water Management Institute” in 2010 in order to offer new perspectives and suggestions to water-related problems in our country and around the world. Water Management Institute (ENSTİTÜSU) aims to carry out research, development and educational activities towards creating solutions for the water problems in local, national and international scale.