Procedures for student applications will be announced from the website of Ankara University Social Sciences Institute ( in June 2015. Interviews with applicants will be held in July 2015.

Objective of the Program

Water is a limited natural resource and vital to the natural world. This limited natural resource has been getting depleted and contaminated rapidly, due to industrialization and population growth in the world. Water resources are at risk all over the world today. Population growth, changes in land use, pollution and climate change are the factors affecting the quality and quantity of water resources. Today, almost 80% of the world population lives in water insecure areas. In the coming years, water shortages will turn into water crises in many parts of the world. In order to sustain human and ecosystem health, access to safe water resources need to be provided for the communities. Therefore, water security is a top issue at the international agenda.

The objective of the Program is to train students with necessary information and knowledge in order to contribute to sustainable water management and policies. The programme aims to bring together research teams from various disciplines, conduct interdisciplinary research and build up partnerships among policy makers, water professionals, academicians and students. It is aimed to educate the leaders of the future on water policies and security issues as well as contribute to the human resources capacity of our country. The Program also aims to educate students with an interdisciplinary approach on local, regional, national and international dimensions of water management issues and provide innovative solutions and implementation skills.

Students will be accepted to the Program for the first time in 2015-2016 academic year (Fall Term). Courses will be offered on the topics such as water science, water services management, agricultural water management, food security, Turkey’s rivers and lakes, international law on watercourses, water footprint and virtual water, EU Water Framework Directive and implementation in Turkey, water policy and security, adaptation to climate change, integrated water resources management, transboundary waters, coastal zone management and urban water management.